Executive Ultra Realistic Kit V.2

The Next Generation Whizzinator and Urinator Alternative
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This is our second generation product.  It is the perfect solution for anyone seeking an ultra realistic look as well as experience.  Our improved Whizzinator and Urinator like design consists of a 4 inch fake penis with detail, look and feel that are so realistic you won't believe your eyes. The prosthetic penis is also anatomically correct in scale so as not to appear erect, which could cause it to be too bulky for use. It is also made of an extremely soft material allowing one to place it directly in a tight pair of underwear. This eliminates the need for bulky straps required by other kits. But the realism doesn't end there! When designing this product we thought that look and feel are important of course, however it was essential that it also function like a real penis. What came about is a product that is revolutionary in both form and function. By implementing a hidden internal proprietary valve, the act of urination is so realistic that even a direct observer will not be able to detect that it is in-fact simulated. There is no fumbling around with obvious switches or clamps. This eliminates a big problem with the other brands which have an on/off switch that is very audible and very obvious! We have implemented a unique and silent design. All that is necessary to start the flow of fluid is a gentle squeeze of about a quarter of an inch in the middle of the fake penis. Stopping the flow is accomplished by releasing the squeezing force and allowing the valve to shut-off. That's all there is to it; simple, natural, quiet and ULTRA REALISTIC !!

The Executive ultra realistic kit v.2 also includes a micro transporter and supplies for multiple procedures. The kit has no metal components to rust and is designed to be easily flushed out providing for many years of natural use. Just assemble the transport system with the provided step-by-step instructions and you'll peeing the ultra realistic way! The kit has a specially designed 3 foot tube which allows you to place the fluid bag anywhere on your body and then route the tube to the groin area, to easily simulate actual urination. It's virtually impossible to detect from observers or onlookers who may even be in front of you. No other kit on the market matches our unique design, ease of use, overall quality and unbeatable price. These kits have been tested to be 100% effective!


Contents of our Executive Ultra Realistic kit V.2:

  • Four inch ultra realistic prosthetic penis (available in 3 skin tones)
  • Odor proof micro transport bag(medical grade construction)
  • 3 foot tubing with dispenser allowing for placement of the transport system virtually anywhere on the body
  • On/Off safety clip designed to augment the internal squeeze valve
  • 2 adhesive straps which allow for the effortless attachment of the micro transport bag anywhere on the body
  • Reusable self adhesive thermometer strip enables 'at a glance' temperature monitoring
  • Four 10 hour chemical heat pads maintain proper acceptance temperature
  • Plastic Syringe
  • Latex gloves
  • Special one-way valve; this enables complete flush-out, ensures a mess-free and easy fill-up but most importantly it vents the kit for proper liquid flow everytime.
  • Comprehensive instructions

whizzinator altenative kit colorsfalse penisfake penis

Color Chart

Flesh     Latino    Black


Residents of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, North Carolina and South Carolina may only purchase this kit minus the clean urine and therefore must choose 'NO SAMPLE' from the 'Select Sample Type' options box below. Kits are NOT available in Wyoming, New Jersey, Kentucky, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Florida and Illinois. If you are from one of the aforementioned states and would like to purchase one of our Executive Ultra Realistic kits and samples then you may have it shipped to a friend or family member in a different state.

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