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Welcome to Affordable Urine Samples

Pass a Drug Test with Clean Urine Specimens and Transport Solutions

Welcome to the most reliable source of clean human urine samples and complete substitution kits. We are confident that with our kits maintaining your privacy or ensuring the accuracy of a urine test can be done easily and affordably. We offer the only sensible answer if you want to beat a drug test or are just interested in protecting your privacy! You may rest assured that with our drug-free clean urine you can be well on your way to passing a drug test tomorrow. We sell unadulterated clean urine powder and transport kits, not ineffective detox drinks, adulterants, synthetic urine or masking agents.


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Our concealable urine substitution kits are guaranteed to be effective ! They may be used by men and women and contain absolutely everything you will need to protect yourself from genetic profiling.

All of our donors' urine undergoes regular laboratory testing so you can be confident that these specimens have already passed a drug test before they are even shipped. Our liquid and powdered urine are certified to be free of illicit drugs, steroids, alcohol, thc and tobacco (nicotine) as well as pre-screened for potential medical conditions.

You may purchase one or several of our clean urine samples andy synthetic urine substitutes which can be stored in the freezer for up to a year. Using the kits is easy and fast, just run the sample under hot water to heat to body temperature. Visit our FAQ regarding our products for answers to some common questions posed by our many satisfied customers. We also invite you to read a third party information tutorial on how to beat a drug test for a wealth of information regarding this subject.

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