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Eventually, almost every employee at nearly every company is required to pass a piss test. Very little warning is given. Employees are told to report the next day and piss in a cup so that the urine can be tested for the presence of chemicals that indicate drug use. Refusing to take the test can result in dismissal and failing the test almost always results in the employee being terminated.

Failing a piss test can result in lost earnings and embarrassment. It's possible to pass a piss test, and avoid losing a job. Don't let the bladder cops be a bully.

Most people have no clue how the tests work but that most people have heard all the myths about how to pass the tests. Drink vinegar, use Goldenseal, put sugar in the test vial, drink a gallon of pickle juice, drink lots of water before the test, etc. Drinking lots of water before a test might actually help one pass it, but in most cases, the labs recognize the sample as being too dilute and fail it on that determination. Many feel there is no need for the uncertainty or the risk.

Pass your next piss test guaranteed. At our entire line of substitution products is designed to exacting specifications to ensure you pass the test. No myths, no gimmicks, nothing but solid science.

If you're reading this, you are probably facing an upcoming piss test. Relax, we have the solution and we guarantee the results or we give you double your money back. Never worry about a piss test again.

An alternative lifestyle might force you to look for ways to pass a piss test when seeking employment or other for many other reasons. Don't fret our product will help you pass piss test. We also have a tutorial and faq which wil help you to beat a piss test for marijuana and other drugs.

Interesting fact:

"Illegal drugs are widely used among the arrestee population. Two thirds of all arrestees tested positive for at least one substance in their system at the time of arrest and 15 percent or more in all sites test positive for more than one substance. The most common substances in all but three sites are marijuana, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine."

Source: Office of National Drug Control Policy. ADAM II Annual Report (Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program). Washington DC: Office of the President. p. 37.


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