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Urinalysis is particularly sensitive to marijuana. Using this drug just one time can cause a positive result for as long as a week which is long after any effects have passed. It should be noted that for heavy users positive reults appear for as long as 4-6 weeks. The effect of this is that even casual weekend smoking of marijuana is regarded as "drug abuse."

It is ironic that urinalysis is far more tolerant of harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Such drugs usually wash out in about 2-3 days. Other commonly used psychoactive drugs, including nicotine, tranquilizers, and psychedelic drugs such as LSD are generally not even tested for. The greatest drug of abuse which is alcohol is not even detected by urinalysis. So how can we say that urinalysis assures a drug-free workplace? One could even postulate further that instead it encourages substitution of other non tested drugs, alcohol or tobacco for , cocaine, opiates, marijuana and amphetamines.


The short of it is that generally it is not difficult to pass a cocaine test after about a week or so; however, should a shorter timeframe be required substitution may be one's only method for a negative result.


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