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To pass a THC drug test, you need to do three simple things:

Step 1 to Pass a THC Drug Test Read up. It's always a good idea to do some Research, but if you don't feel like, just skip to step 2.
Step 2 to Pass a THC Drug Test. Choose the right product. Browse our Product Selection Guide and Products pages.
Step 3 to Pass a THC Drug Test. Order the product, follow the directions and go back to what you do best...whatever that happens to be.
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Of all the billions of dollars spent on improving work performance and keeping our society safe, the THC drug test has got to be one of the largest wastes of money for corporate and government budgets. And trying to figure out how to pass a THC drug test has got to be one of the largest conceivable wastes of your time imaginable. Despite the proven medical uses of THC in marijuana, the fact that THC has been clinically shown to be less addictive than alcohol, the fact that it is basically impossible to O.D. on pot, and the fact that marijuana does not make people violent, does not destroy brain cells, and can actually improve creativity in some people, our society has still somehow allowed the THC drug test to become the norm. Yet no matter how many times you reiterate the facts--that THC in marijuana is much less destructive than alcohol--the powers that be continue to stubbornly insist that if you smoke pot in your spare time, it somehow affects your ability to do your job or conduct your life like a normal human being. To fix this supposed problem, they've come up with this nasty little THC drug test procedure.

And now you've got to waste your time figuring out how to pass it.

Interesting fact:

THC is stored in fat cells so skinny users who not only have a faster metabolism, but also lack storage for THC metabolites, pass thc drug tests more successfully.


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