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If you're searching to beat pre employment drug test or drug screen then our tutorial will clear things up. Take a few minutes to read about employers that drug test, employee drug testing rights and other info regarding passing pre employment urine test.

Warning About Urine Tests and Masking Agents...

People interested in passing a drug test should know that new government drug testing guidelines now include that all laboratories perform a specimen integrity check before testing for drugs. What this means is that they are no longer only looking for marijuana and other illicit drugs but also for additives, dilution, and most of the available adulterants/masking products, i.e. Mary Jane Super Clean 13 (liquid soap), Urinaid (glutaraldehyde), THC Free (acid), Klear (nitrite), Urine Luck (pyridinium chlorochromate), TestKlear, Golden Seal, Terminator Gold, Stealth, Clean-X, and Instant Clean. These products are all detectable, and will result in a failed drug screen. They will also be reported as a failure! The point is clear. Don't be fooled by the plethora of ineffective detox adulterants, masking chemicals and flushes. These products simply hoax you out of your money and do not produce the results to which they lay claim. As for their fancy guarantees? Well, to receive your money back you must submit your test results. These results in most cases are not yours nor will you ever see them, meaning no refund will be awarded to you! The truth is, if you're searching for ways to pass a drug test then a clean urine substitution kit or fake penis is just what you've been looking for.

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