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It is possible to to beat a drug test but NOT with Niacin. A numerous amount of ways exist however you must prepare and act quickly. If you have the time the best way is just to stop and stay clean until your body naturally clears itself of the toxins. If waiting is not an option substitution kits have proven themselves to be a very effective alternative.

There are many ways to choose from however most are plain dumb. One of the most absurd methods among the list is trying to use Niacin to beat a drug test. According to urban myth, the dietary supplement which is really vitamin B3 will cause every trace of illicit substances to disappear, but established recreational drug sites, such as Erowid, warn that it does not work and can cause potential health problems. Recent reports show many such cases of people becoming ill after taking huge amounts of niacin trying to beat a drug test. This is because overdosing on B3 can cause body fluids to become too acidic with an unusually high blood sugar. Mild symptoms may apear in the form of itching, burning sensations as well as a rash. However, more severe reactions can lead to a person becoming dizzy, suffering heart palpitations and vomiting. It is worth noting that 16 people in Colorado alone have called poison control centers after overdosing on Niacin as a way to detox before a drug test.

Drug testing is on the rise so make sure you are not taken by surprise, be ready to beat your next drug test. Just watch out for so-called “home remedies” as well as taking advice from someone who makes a wild claim regarding their effectiveness.


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The most common drug test is urinalysis. It involves the use of chemical compounds called immunoassays. These are special antibodies that are attracted to the specific drug or drugs, for which a person is being tested. If drugs are present in the urine, the antibodies bind to the drug molecule which is detectable by laboratory equipment. The EMIT is the most common, least expensive and THE LEAST RELIABLE procedure.


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