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There are many anti drug testing methods available. Some yield good results but unfortunately most do not. You should do your research before deciding on any. Explore our website to gain more knowledge regarding this controversial subject and check out the anti drug testing products which have proven themselves to be most effective.

A great deal of websites are devoted to this subject so do your research and if you wish to get involved below are just a few ideas of how you may do so.

  • Educate yourself and others concerning the perils of drug testing.
  • Contact your representative.
  • Write letters to local media.
  • Start a campaign.
  • Encourage others to speak up and participate in anti drug testing campaings.
  • Know the Facts about drug testing.



Interesting fact regarding anti drug testing

Drug testing drives students away from extracurricular activities and that the only study to date clearly shows that random drug testing does not deter young people from drug use. It is expensive and only takes away money from other more effective methods.



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