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Truly Effective Products for Passing A Drug Test!

Basic Kit - Powdered

This kit is comprised of a sample of lyophilized (freeze-dried) REAL powdered urine in a small vial, which you may easily conceal and keep with you at all times. We have developed a proprietary technology which is unique in the business, so that you can stay safe, protect your privacy and be prepared for any random testing situation. PLEASE NOTICE THAT THESE ARE NOT THE EASILY DETECTABLE SYNTHETIC URINE POWDERS OFFERED ON OTHER WEBSITES AND THAT THIS PRODUCT IS EXCLUSIVE TO UREASAMPLE.COM.  The urine powder samples may be stored in your desk drawer or your pocket for months.  It really doesn't matter where or how you store them since refrigeration, freezing or any other special handling isn't necessary! Preparing a fresh urine sample is performed by simply adding tap water to the clean urine powder. Once reconstituted with water the powdered urine turns into a fresh clean drug-free human urine specimen. One that's ready for a test and is completely indistinguishable from a fresh sample.  Perhaps you already have your own transport kit or you've already bought one of ours, in either case these powdered clean urine refills are the perfect complement to keep you protected during those random testing situations! The basic kit is the perfect solution anytime and anywhere and ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH UREASAMPLE.COM!

Contents of our Basic kit - Powdered Urine:

  • 2 vials 2fl.oz. (60ml) each lyophilized real powdered urine sample (No refrigeration or freezing necessary! Just add water and you're ready. THIS IS NOT INEFFECTIVE SYNTHETIC URINE FOUND ON OTHER SITES.) 
  • Complete step-by-step instructions

Not for sale in Oregon, Tennessee, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, New Jersey, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, Florida  and South Carolina. If you live in one of these states have your kit shipped to a friend or family member in a different state.

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